Group of twelve dogs sitting in front of a white background

Dog Kennels


Broadmarsh kennels are second to none and you can rest assured that you pet will receive love, care and attention while on their holiday with us. Each of our kennels is comprised of an indoor heated bedding area and a spacious outdoor run which you dog can access all day long.

We clean the dog kennels in the morning, and as necessary throughout the day to ensure that you dog can relax in comfort and fresh accommodation. Your dog will get regular attention by our highly trained staff, who ensure that they remain happy and healthy throughout their stay with us.

At bedtime, the door to their run will be shut and they will be secured in their cosy bedding area of the dog kennels for a good night’s rest. The gates will also be locked to ensure their security overnight. We live across the courtyard and are always on site to monitor any sounds coming from the kennels.


With our wonderful facilities, walking your dog is not normally necessary. Our covered exercise runs on each and every kennel suite, provide the very best in accommodation and are more than adequate for the largest of dogs.

If you would like your dog walked, this can be done in our acres of land for an additional charge.  We can walk them multiple times a day and dogs boarding together can be exercised together.


We provide all the beds, bedding, bowls and other items your dog will need during their stay with us. If you would like to bring an old blanket or toys to remind them of home, please do so although, you will understand that we cannot be responsible for any damage to your property.


We believe that our pets benefit from a high quality diet and feed them Arden Grange dog food.  We also have a range of other foods for specific requirements such as sensitive or puppy and various wet food that can be mixed.  We try to remain as near to their normal feeding regime as possible.

Alternatively, if you would prefer that they stay on their own food you are welcome to bring that and it will be prepared for them at no extra charge.  There is no reduction in the rate if you supply your own food.


Your dog will be insured for any kennel related medical needs up to £2000 whilst with us or within three days of leaving, if a vet certifies this. Pre-existing conditions are not covered.  Non kennel related vet fees are the responsibility of the owner and will be billed with the boarding fees unless your vet retains the bill for you.  Fees resulting from fleas, worms, or ticks are not covered as these are preventable diseases.

If we suspect your pet is ill, we will take them to their own vet if they are local.  Otherwise, they will be seen by our vets at Clent Hills.

If you have a routine visit to a vet scheduled, e.g. following an operation, or as part of an ongoing problem, then we are happy to assist if at all possible. A small charge may be made to cover our costs.

Will administer medication at no additional charge, unless veterinary assistance is required.

Dogs with infectious or contagious conditions will be refused.


To board at Broadmarsh, your dog must be fully vaccinated against parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, and leptospirosis.  These are the standard vaccinations given by your vet.  If these vaccinations are out of date, your vet may require that your dog starts the course again which will require two separate vaccinations several weeks apart.  We cannot accept them until 2 weeks after the 2nd vaccination has been given.

In addition, we require that they have been vaccinated against kennel cough at least 2 weeks prior to them boarding with us.  This is not given as standard, so please check that your dog has been vaccinated.  If your pet is unable to have the kennel cough vaccine due to medical reasons, we may allow them to board if certified from your vet, though they would have to board in isolation.

All dogs boarding with us must have a current flea and wormer treatment.