Frequently Asked Boarding Questions

What methods of payment do you accept?

Debit cards, credit cards or cash.

If I cancel my booking, is my deposit refundable?

If you cancel more than 28 days in advance we will refund your deposit.

Can I drop off or collect out of hours?

No, drop off and collection is strictly within opening hours.

What if my holiday runs short or long?

If you arrive early, you are welcome to shorten your booking at no additional charge. We will also extend your booking if there is space. We do ask that you inform us of any changes as early as possible.

Will you take my bitch in season?

Yes, she will be secured away from male boarders.

What do you feed them?

We feed Acana dog food, and ProPlan cat food. We also have various wet foods that can be mixed if this is what your pet eats at home. If your pet is on a special diet, or if you would just prefer to not change their food you are welcome to bring your own food and we will feed that instead. There is no reduction in the rate if you bring your own food.

Will you administer medications?

Yes, we will administer them to your requirements at no charge unless we require the assistance of a vet which will be chargeable. We are unable to accept pets with infectious diseases.

Is my pet insured?

Yes, you pet is insured for kennel or cattery related illnesses up to £2000 while boarding. We must be notified of any illness or injury within 3 days of leaving the kennels. Our insurance does not cover pre-existing illness.

What is the minimum or maximum age I can board my pet?

There is no min/max age provided they are fully vaccinated.

Can I visit my pet while they are boarding?

Due to the increased stress this will cause, we do not recommend visiting your pet while they are staying with us.

Do the animals interact with each other?

No, animals have their own facilities and are kept separate at all times. The only exception is multiple pets from the same household that are boarding together.

Can I bring toys/treats/beds?

You are welcome to bring their favorite toy, blanket, or treats. We will provide their bedding and bowls.

What sort of exercise do they get?

Dogs have access to large covered runs throughout the day for exercise. We also offer walks around our large on site field for an additional charge.

How much contact will they get with people?

We have a team of dedicated staff that spend time with and get to know your pets. They will get attention and affection several times per day.

Are the facilities heated?

Yes, all the kennels and pens are heated as standard.

Is someone present at all times?

Yes, Matt and Emily live on site and there is someone present at all times.

What do I do if I have other boarding questions?

Fill in out contact form or call 01562882187 and we will happily answer any other boarding questions